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Web - power less extra legs and heat powerd memory, what a day

What a day ... i just found two nice entries ... both made my day in a positiv way.

First, A human-like walking robot that requires no power source by BluePiped

[...] these robot legs — called BlueBiped, and made by researchers at the Nagoya Institute of Technology in Japan — are basically just an imitation of human physiology. There are thighs and lower legs made out of aluminium that are the same length as their human counterparts, and ankles and knee joints for articulation, but… that’s it. No sensors, no computers, no “musculature” — the legs are completely passive, you just give them a push… and they carry on walking. As long as there’s a slight downwards slope, anyway — there has to be some source of energy, after all, and in this case it’s gravity.

Second, Magnetic RAM could soon absorb and use waste heat

Now, the researchers at PTB have discovered that not only does the magnetization affect the flow of electricity, but also the flow of heat. When the two poles of the switch have the same magnetization, heat flows more readily across, and vice versa. This is significant because of the thermoelectric effect. Basically, waste heat can be used to heat one side of the magnetic switch, thus creating an electrical potential between the hot and cold ends. Then, by flipping the switch (making sure the magnetic moment from both ends match), a thermoelectric voltage would flow across — and at the same time, thanks to the conservation of energy, you would also be controlling the thermal current and consuming waste heat.

The first entry seams real working (or good video faked ;-)). The second is a bit "near" in the future. But both are really cool 8-).

edit: 111027 i found some exciting videos about the russian way to solve this extra legs problems. The funny one The exciting one

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