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zfsonlinux and kernel 3.9.4-1-ARCH - up and running

Just one day, they are getting faster and faster. This time, it took only one day after the new kernel release. The steps are easy as know.

cd path/to/the/zfsonlinux/automake ant system-full-upgrade

bam and it is building on its own :-).

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howto - zfsonlinux zpool export device busy arch linux

Since i migrate to zfs where it is possible, i did this also with an usb storage. Today, i want to export a pool to use it in my laptop. I finished all i want to do and want to remove the zpool from my system via

zpool export mypool

The result:

umount: /foo/bar/mypoo/foobar: target is busy. (In some cases useful info about processes that use the device is found by lsof(8) or fuser(1)) cannot unmount '/foo/bar/mypoo/foobar': umount failed

Ok, maybe it needs some time to finish writing/flushing the cache so i gave him another 15 minutes. I tried again and the same error message. I used "lsof" but nothing inside when i grep for "mypool". After taking a long look over the internet, the only solution i found was using

zpool export -f mypool
but again, same error.

After strange threads talking about "you have to restart your usb module" i just took a look to the current running systemd units by using

systemctl list-units
and guess what? There are units running for each mountpoint the zfs pool had. All i had to do is to stop the unites and the run "
zpool export mypool
the last time :-).

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