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Firefox 29 and the lost add on status bar

As user of the only real big open source web browser i was astonished about the gone add on status bare since version 29.
After a few minutes of searching, i can recommend two extensions, the addon bar or status 4 evar.
If you want to know more, read this thread or this howto.

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pentadactyl is working on firefox 22 with current nightly build

Gosh, that had been two unproductive days in the matter of working with my browser. I just updated to firefox 22 and pentadactly was not working anymore. So i had to work two days without a usefull userinterface. I'm happy the current nightly build (Pentadactyl Nightly 2013-06-29) has raised the supported version to 24. So you can update your firefox and just install the newest version of pentadactyl :-).

And please donate to that lovely piece of software, i can tell you the last two days weren't the same.

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