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i3wm behavior on you web page with jQuery plugin "splitter"

As usual, I'm searching for something completely different. Stumbling is the way I'm surfing, so I stumbled over the jQuery plugin called "splitter". Actions speaks louder than worlds (and the headline has all the content inside), so have a look on the demo.

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tool - serendipity syntax plugin highlighting

After seeing syntax highlighting by a friend, i decided to update my serendipity also. After a little bit of trying, i am now using "Prettify for S9Y (serendipityeventprettify)".

How to use it? Quite simple, install it and use "<pre class="prettyprint lang-foo">your code</pre>" to cover your codeblock. The following languages are supported right now:

lang-bsh lang-c lang-cc lang-cpp lang-cs lang-csh lang-cyc lang-cv lang-htm lang-html lang-java lang-js lang-m lang-msml lang-perl lang-pl lang-pm lang-py lang-rb lang-sh lang-xhtml lang-xml lang-xsl

By the way, you also get a fancy button on the "create entry page" for free. Just mark a text and click the button and magic javascript is encoding your html entities for you.

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