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Peco - Simplistic interactive filtering tool

peco can be a great tool to filter stuff like logs, process stats, find files, because unlike grep, you can type as you think and look through the current results.


So the only downside is, you need get and install go for it (to build it on your own) or download a binary build. Peco is available in the aur

Demos speak more than a thousand words! Here's me looking for a process on my mac. As you can see, you can page through your results, and you can keep changing the query:

looking for a process

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Version 1.0.0 of Jetbrains PhpStorm Installer for (Debian) Linux released

I started getting tired of installing phpstorm by hand again and again. Did I mention that installing is the same as updating?.
Since the ide is for php, of course I wrote the installer in php.

# simple install or update
php phpstorm.php path/to/linux/php/version.tar.gz 

# install or update and change group
#   good if you created a "developer" group on your system
php phpstorm.php path/to/linux/php/version.tar.gz your_group_name

I hope you are going to enjoy it.

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tool to generate suggestions on potential problems in your php code

PHP-Tricorder is a CLI utility that scans structure files created using phpDocumentor and offers suggestions on potential problems with your code along with testing strategy information.

Executing /path/to/php tricorder.php will give you some usage information.

Please read the file LICENSE included with this code for licensing details.


Found it, gave it a try and want to share it.

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Tool to test flash memory devices (usb stick, sd card)

So, i bought a usb stick for damn low price. I assumed it won't have the size but anyway, the price was low, i had some money in the pocket so i tried this delicious fruit of joy and fun.

As expected, the size doesn't fit and i can not format the stick without any errors. So i searched for a tool to test this sort of devices. After a while i found f3.

Whats the real size of my memory stick you going to ask? Well, i will keep this as a secret and won't try something like this again ;-).

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zfsonlinux and kernel 3.7.7-1-ARCH - up and running

A new kernel (3.7.7) was released today for the arch linux. Currently, the zfsonlinux in the aur was not adapted on it. I have updated my zfsonlinux automake tool with a more secure option. Before you are going to rebuild the zfs modules, the tool now exports your zpools and imports them after installing new compiled packages. If you want to do it on your own, there are two new targets available - "import" and "export".

I found a nice like about install zfs on gnulinux.

Now up and running :-).

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zfsonlinux and kernel 3.7.5-1-ARCH - up and running

A new kernel was released today for the arch linux. Currently, the zfsonlinux in the aur was not adapted on it. I really won't blame demizer, i just want to inform the users out there. My zfsonlinux automake tool was updated since there was a bugfix. Now everything should be fine :-).
2013-01-30 22:05

Edit Since today, everything is up and running :-).

ant system-full-upgrade
is doing all for you :-D.

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tool - serendipity syntax plugin highlighting

After seeing syntax highlighting by a friend, i decided to update my serendipity also. After a little bit of trying, i am now using "Prettify for S9Y (serendipityeventprettify)".

How to use it? Quite simple, install it and use "<pre class="prettyprint lang-foo">your code</pre>" to cover your codeblock. The following languages are supported right now:

lang-bsh lang-c lang-cc lang-cpp lang-cs lang-csh lang-cyc lang-cv lang-htm lang-html lang-java lang-js lang-m lang-msml lang-perl lang-pl lang-pm lang-py lang-rb lang-sh lang-xhtml lang-xml lang-xsl

By the way, you also get a fancy button on the "create entry page" for free. Just mark a text and click the button and magic javascript is encoding your html entities for you.

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zfsonlinux and kernel 3.7.3-1-ARCH

The new arch kernel has arrived my machines and guess what happens to my zfsonlinux?

Pacman told me "error: failed to prepare transaction (could not satisfy dependencies)". But this wasn't an error since i know zfsonlinux has dependencies to a well defined kernel number. All i had to do was switching to my zfsonlinux automake utility and run the following steps:

\* ant uninstall \* pacman -Syu \* ant make \* ant clean

Bam, everything is working out of the box and i am really satisfied with this little tool. The effort to keep the system up to date while still having the beloved zfsonlinux working is now a minimal one. And if this is still to much, you can easily fork it and add a "for lazy people" target that is executing the four steps from above - lets see, maybe i will do it :-D.

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tool - arch linux zfsonlinux automatically make and install from source

I am using the zfsonlinux for quite a long time now. For nearly a year, i switched machine by machine from different linux distributions to archlinux. Since switching to the cutting edge and uptodate distribution, i build the zfsonlinux from the arch linux aur on my own, update per update. This process was ok since i used zfs only on one machine for a longer time. But at the end of last year a usb harddrive predestined to be a zfs drive. At this time, the zfsonlinux is spreading out over alle machines which ends up in doing the zfsonlinux task machine per machine. Since i am getting tired and frustrated by wasting so much time and doing the same stuff each time, i started to implement a process to build the aur zfsonlinux on an arch linux system automatically.

Today, i am proud to present your the result, an apache ant based make environment. The project is available on

All you have to do is install apache-ant, clone the previous mentioned repository, change in the cloned repository directory and call ant on your shell. I hope you enjoy it.

Part of the manual.

NAME ant - automake for zfsonlinx files of SYNOPSIS ant [OPTION] DESCRIPTION Uninstalls current installed packages, download, build and install newest available packages.

    Following options are available.

        Removes existing sources and directories.

        Executes clean.
        Creates directories and download sources.

        Executes init and uninstall
        Make packes from available sources and installs the packages.

        Uninstalls installed packages.

        Prints out this manual.</blockquote></p><div class="serendipity_babelfish">Translate to  <a href=";lp=en%5Fde">de</a> <a href=";lp=en%5Fes">es</a> <a href=";lp=en%5Ffr">fr</a> <a href=";lp=en%5Fit">it</a> <a href=";lp=en%5Fpt">pt</a> <a href=";lp=en%5Fja">ja</a></div>

tool - alternative to winmerge for linux - make a visual diff of two files

If you are searching for an alternative of winmerge that works quit fine on linux and other operation systems, take a look to meld.

This tool provides you the ability to make a well visual diff from two files (preferred text files ;-)). It supports tabs, so you can diff multiple files. It is fast and it looks like the memory footprint is quite nice and small. By the way, merge also supports the main version control systems git, svn etc.

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tool - ack is a tool like grep, optimized for programmers

I stumbled over a domain name called " and thought "wow, bold statement". But i liked the testimonials as well as the featurelist so i played a round a bit and you really get the feeling ack is doing better then grep in the metter of "output what you search for".

I will go on with my investigation, lets see if i find something i can add to this entry.

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web - USB Fußpedal für den vi/vim

Wenn man einen vi/vim Editor nutzt, muss man die Taste "i" betätigen um einen Text eingeben zu können. Diese wiederkehrende Aufgabe hat ein findiger Nutzer diese Aufgabe zu seinem Fuß delegiert. Er suchte nach einem extrem günstigen USB-Fußpedal und fand eins. Die Wunschvorstellung war "sende ein i beim darauf treten" und "sende ein ESC beim fuß entfernen" und diese Aufgabe konnte er auch umsetzen.

Aktuell sucht der Bauherr nach einem verbesserte Model um "Hinzufügen am Anfang und am Ende der Zeile" ebenfalls delegieren zu können.


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Web - Create bootable usb stick with multiple linux iso files

Ok, as everybody i am running out of time but i want to play around some linux distributions. For playing around you either need some virtual pc's or a real one and some blank cd's/dvd's.

Inasmuch as i want to install it on a subnotebook, i decided to use a real pc. The only question is, should it be a debian (or a child of debian) or arch linux? I couldn't decide so i need to install/start and try them out. But for trying you need blank cd's/dvd's or a usb stick. I guess my household hasn't seen a blank cd or dvd for quite a while, means the selection met the usb stick.

The general process was to us a tool like unetbootin, by using "dd" of find howtos like the one at nixCraft. By the way, this howto is pretty cool since even linux starters are learning a bit the power of linux tools :-). But all methods are ending up with the effect "on os per usb stick". When you want to try out multiple OS, this i definitely not a satisfying method ;-).

Thats why i searched in the www and found a lot of solutions. Because of the numbers, i decided to write an entry :-).

First i found something at the german arch linux board. Even the link at the end is even better. By the way if you have some loopback problems, try to take a look at link. Also the howto from is worth to have a look.

But i must admit, i want to have it nice and gui driven like the windows tool sardu i mention here. After i while, i was near by to do it the arch way but the god of laziness had mercy on my soul and presented me the link to multisystem. It is very easy to use, fast and works like a charm :-D.

By the way, since my plan was to have fun with the subnotebook, the choice felt on arch. Just for fun you know (and the community it is worth.

By searching for a funny distro to try, i stumbled over the good old slax i never booted - maybe in the future :-D.

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tool - create php classes from a soap wsdl

Since i am working with a lot of soap services right now i searched for a tool that generates the soap classes for me. Thankts to propel and its "schema.xml" i am getting really lazy for doing such a task by hand ;-). Fortunately, the internet is still a place where everything can be found, so the search engine of my choice scores and found the wsdl2phpgenerator provided by walle.

Simple WSDL to PHP classes converter. Takes a wsdl file and outputs class files ready to use.

Uses the MIT licence (

Usage executable: ./wsdl2php -i input.wsdl -o /tmp/my/directory/wsdl

Just add -v to use the verbose mode and -n my\namespace to add a preferred namespace.

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Tool - Create Multiboot USB Stick - windows linux

Since the capacity of usb sticks are raising and raising, it would be a perfect deal to have "one usb stick for all live operation systems".
For that reason, the boys and girls from sardu have created a beautiful windows tool for you. It is so simple and quite powerful that you just need to download, use and donate to it!

Wait, you are already on the right os side with the cookies and also want to have a tool like that?
Try to use liveusb.

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Tool - Grafikanwendung MyPain (Linux, MS Windows, Mac OS)

Die Entwickler der freien Grafikanwendung MyPaint haben ihr Programm in der Version 1.0 veröffentlicht. MyPaint ist für Linux, Mac OS X und MS Windows erhältlich und soll es Künstlern ermöglichen, sich auf ihre Kunst zu konzentrieren, ohne von der Funktionsvielfalt des Programms abgelenkt zu werden. MyPaint 1.0 erlaubt es Künstlern, einzelne Aktionen an Maus- und Stylustasten zu binden. Im neuen Scratchpad-Werkzeug lassen sich Thumbnails, Notizen, Pinselstriche oder Farbwahlen hinterlegen. Darüber hinaus nahmen die Entwickler viele kleine Änderungen vor, um MyPaint schneller, fehlerfreier und benutzerfreundlicher zu machen.

Zugegeben, mir ist das Programm bisher nicht aufgefallen, wohl auch aus dem Grund das mir das gimp'sche Universallwerkzeug vertraut genug ist.

Dennoch war ich nach dem ersten Benutzen sichtlich beeindruckt. Das Programm hat Ebenen, viele vorgefertigte Pinselarten und hat eine richtig schnelle GUI.

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Umlet - great and open source tool to create uml diagrams

UMLet is an open-source UML tool with a simple user interface: draw UML diagrams fast, export diagrams to eps, pdf, jpg, svg, and clipboard, share diagrams using Eclipse, and create new, custom UML elements.

As umlet is writen in java, it runs on every java platform like linux, solaris, windows and mac osx. The interface is self explaning, try it out.

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Easy to use screenshoot tool for linux -> Xfce4-Screenshooter

Xfce4 Screenshooter

This application allows you to capture the entire screen, the active window or a selected region. You can set the delay that elapses before the screenshot is taken and the action that will be done with the screenshot: save it to a PNG file, copy it to the clipboard, open it using another application, or host it on ZimageZ, a free online image hosting service.
Thats what the developer site is writing about this tool.

On my point of view, it is easy to use, has a small memory footprint and works quite well.

If you have another tool that is better or has other advantages, throw it in as a comment :-).

While you are using something like "fbrun", a softlink in your "/usr/bin" as "ln -s xfce4-screenshoot screenshoot" should speed up your daily business (so you have to tip "screen" and hit the "tab"-button).

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