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tool - zfs and zpool - command overview

Just a quick overview about some zfs and zpool commands. $tank is used as zpool name.

  • zpool create $tank mirror c6t0d0p0 c8t0d0p0 | creates zpool in mirror by using two devices. Use -m to add a mountpoint.
  • zpool create $tank/dataset1 | creates a dataset in zpool $tank
  • zpool add $tank c11t0d0p0 | adds device to $tank (storageplace increased)
  • zpool destroy $tank | destroy a zpool
  • zpool destry $tank/dataset1 | destroy dataset1 in zpool $tank
  • zpool rename $tank/foo $tank/bar | renames dataset foo to bar
  • zpool replace $tank c8t0d0p0 c11t0d0p0 | replaces device c8t0d0p0 with c11t0d0p0
  • zpool offline $tank c8t0d0p0 | take device c8t0d0p0 offline
  • zpool detach $tank c8t0d0p0 | detach device c8t0d0p0 from zpool
  • zpool attach $tank c11t0d0p0 | attach device c11t0d0p0 from zpool
  • zpool history -i $tank | shows history of $tank
  • zpool get all $tank | returns all properties from $tank
  • zpool get option $tank | get option from $tank
  • zpool set option=value $tank | set option with value to $tank
  • zpool iostat [$pool $intervallInSeconds] | i/o performance monitor
  • zpool import $tank | imports $tank into system. Use -a to import all available zpools
  • zpool status [$tank] | status monitor
  • zpool export $tank | export $tank from system (importent if you want to use this tank in an other environment)
  • zpool scrub $tank | verify integrity of every blog of a data in $tank. Use -s to stop scrubbing.
  • zfs list [-t (type), -r (recursive)] | list available (imported) zpools
  • zfs snapshot $tank@backup | creates snaphot "backup" from $tank
  • zfs rollback $tank@backup | return $tank to dataset $backup
  • zfs destroy $tank@backup | destroy snapshot "backup"
  • zfs send -R $tank@backup | zfs receive -d $backuptank | creates backup zpool


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