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pentadactyl important keybinds

Nothing special and also a compressed version of the great build in pentadactyl help page. But again, it's also for myself.

ctrl+dhalf page down
ctrl+uhalf page up
0absolute left of document
$absolute right of document
gggo to top
Ggo to end
30%go to 30%
Hhistory back
Lhistory forward
gtnext tab
gTprevious tab
ddelete tab
ffollow links in current tab
Ffollow link in new tab
rreload page
Rreload page without cache
yyank current location to clipboard
zizoom in
zozoom out
zzreset zoom
mkpsave current settings
ZZquit after saving session
ZQquit without saving session
-Firefox interface
:emenuopen firefox menu
:bmakrsopen bookmarks
:dialogopen dialog like "add bookmark"
:addonsopen add ons
:oopen in current tab
:topen in new tab
:sopen search prompt
:Sopen search prompt in new tab
:tabudoublicate current tab
:wlike tab open but all arguments in separat tab
:ststop loading current page
:framodisplay frame only
/start search forward
?start search backward
nfind next
Nfind previous
*search forward
#search backward
nnormal browser mode
vvisual mode when selecting text with cursor keys
iinsert mode when interacting with text field
ttext editing mode
ccommand line mod
ooperator mode
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howto - prevent a div have a hight in the internet explorer

Is the answere "display: none;", or maybe "height: 100%"?, or is it "< div style="font-size: 0; "> < /div >"?

No, the answere is more ... well epic, try "< div>< !-- comment -->< /div>" and you get what you want :-).

This entry is dedicated to the romanian stallion :-D.

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howto - add entry to gdm (gnome desktop manager)

When you install a windowmanager by using make/not using apt-get install, it is possible gdm doesn't know there is a new window manager avaiable. You can help him by creating a new file :-).

Create the file by touch or the beloved vi.

sudo vi /etc/share/xsessions/notion.desktop

Input the following text.

[Desktop Entry] Encoding=UTF-8 Name=Notion Comment=This session logs you into Notion Exec=notion Icon= Type=Application

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howto - disable new tab page for firefox 13 / deaktiviere die neue tab seite von firefox 13

english Since firefox 13 is out, i opened today (and so the first time for a while) just a new, blank tab. Blank - well at least i thought this was it before. But as i figured out things changed after updating. Now a screenshot is taken and stored to load a "most visited" page. I don't know what its good for, but well somebody hopefully thought this could be a usefull feature ;-). After searching with my favorit search engine, i found a way how to disable it - marginal note, it takes longer to figure out how the fancy feature is called than how to disable it.

HowTo - Open a new tab/window and input "about:config" - Insert "browser.newtab" into the search - Change the value of "browser.newtab.url" to "about:blank" - Change the value of "browser.newtabpage.enable" to "false" After a restart of your browser, the magic should be gone.

deutsch Firefox ist nun schon eine gewisse Zeit verfügbar. Dennoch hat es bei mir bis jetzt gedauert, damit ich einen neuen und leeren Tab geöffnet habe. Ich war erschrocken als mich auf einmal neun Bilder mit den meist besuchten Seiten angelacht haben. Ich weiß nicht wer sich diese Funktion ausgedacht hat, aber mir gefällt sie nicht. Nach etwas investigativer Recherche konnte ich auch eine Lösung finden, diese Funktion zu deaktivieren. Als Randnotiz sei vermerkt, dass es länger gedauert hat den Namen dieser Funktion zu ergründen, als das deaktivieren.

Anleitung - Öffne einen neuen Tab/ein neues Fenster und tippe "about:config" in die Adresszeile - Tippe "browser.newtab" in die Suche - Ändere den Wert von "browser.newtab.url" in "about:blank" ab - Ändere den Wert von "browser.newtabpage.enable" aut "false" ab

Nach einem Neustart des Browsers, sollte alles wie früher sein.

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