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meetup - attraktor - selinux

Just arrived at home from back to hack selinux. I tried my best to keep up the speed of slides. Nevertheless, there are some gaps in between.

Big thanks to the presenter. I turned my fear into anticipation for using it!


  • 1976 LaPadula paper released
  • DTMach as construction idea released
  • Based on FLASK, first patches to linux kernel
  • 2002 implemented as linux security module (LSM)
  • Since 2003 part of the mainline kernel
  • Fedora core was first distribution (shipped with policy)
  • Since 2007 shipped with RHEL5 EAL4+

Bell LaPadula

  • MAC
  • TE
  • RBAC
  • No read up, no write down


  • Extends DAC (directory access control)
  • mode at runtime changeable (enforcing vs permissive)
  • flexible policy
  • AVC (access vector cache)
  • root is not god anymore
  • process running in own security domain

Discretionary Access Control

  • classical security concept
  • object based access control
  • unflexible
  • rights per user
  • user can ship rights
  • uid can be changed by using suid


  • access control by using policy

TE - Type Enforcement

  • all resources have a typ/domain
  • whitelisting ruleset

Security Context

  • securityarea
  • object (user:role:domain:level)
  • subject


  • heart of selinux
  • common policis are targeted, strict and MLS
  • defines rules for access from subject of object
  • defines domain transition of a subject (when can a subject change its domain)



  • default policy
  • contains a understandable complexity
  • well choosen processes running in own domain
  • you can tweak the policy by using booleans
  • this policy should be enough for daily work
  • if you use the filesystem hirachy standard you are quite save
  • Unknown software is stored in context "unconfined"

Multi Level Security (mls)

  • everything is running under selinux policies
  • tweakable by booleans
  • only for high risk security aspects


  • enables tweaking the policy without reload
  • no knowledge about policy needed
  • booleans can set permanent
  • semanage boolean -l lists a lot of informations


  • -Z is selinux switch (ls -Z, netstat -Z)
  • cp, mkdir and so on are linked against selinux to support setting needed bytes
  • getenforec/setenforce - switching selinux mode
  • restorecon/fixfiles/chcon - changing context of subjects
  • sestatus - status
  • avcstat - status about avc
  • libselinux - the selinux
  • libsepol - all binaries linked against

Policy Management

  • setsebool/getsebool - show and set of selinux booleans
  • semanage - policy management
  • semodule -

Policy Development

  • audit2allow - builds selinux rules based on audit log
  • checkmodule - transforms rulse into binary
  • semodule_package -
  • audit2why - analyse selinux

Linux Audit Framework (LAF)

  • should be used for logging


  • you are loosing the context if your backup software does
  • tar and rsync supports :)


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