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FrOSCon - ownCloud

By Björn Schießle.
I am the owner of my data!
Use and implements the User Data Manifesto.

Back In The Past

  • everybody owned a pc at home
  • data is stored localy
  • simple install open source software to ensure you are the owner of your data


  • multiple pcs
  • access should be possible from everywhere

Open Questions In New World

  • where is my data stored
  • how has access to it
  • what happens if i change the service provider
  • what happens if the service provider changes core functions

User Data Manifesto In Short Terms

  • user has full control who has access to the data
  • user has to know where date is stored (server location, how is responsible of the server)
  • user has the right and the possiblility to switch to an other service provider (data are exportable, open standards are implemented)

What Makes OwnCloud Different?

  • you decide what happens to your data
  • simple runs of every webspace (php driven)
  • simple user interface
  • quite easy to sync your data
  • based on AGPLv3 and open standards
  • integration in GNU/Linux desktops
  • extendable, ownCloud is a plattform

Lets Talk About Files

  • files are available everywhere (web, desktop, mobile via webdav, browser, sync clint)
  • slide show for pictures included
  • multiple viewers available for text, pdf, odf, image, video, audio etc.
  • allows you to share files with others (scoped by groups with different rights)
  • provides mounting of external storaged like WebDAV, Dropbox, GDrive, FTP etc.
  • server based encryption
  • simple kind of versioning - last save wins
  • thrashbin implemented (to restore deleted files)
  • intelligent storage management included
  • conflict solving implemented in desktop sync client


  • address book via webinterface or client
  • share address books with others (same permission handling as with files)
  • sync address book via CardDAV (?)


  • appointments via webinterface or clinet
  • show birthdays
  • share calender
  • sync calender via CalDAV


  • full workable newsreader included
  • google reader import
  • different clients (web, android, ios, qt-app, html 5)


  • app to write notes and tasks
  • android ap for working with tasks via CardDAV

And A Lot More

  • music player
  • url shorter
  • full text search
  • presentation via ownCloud
  • bookmarks (a firefox bookmark plugin is currently in development)
  • cards via OpenStreetMap
  • and many more

Desktop Integration

Wrap Up

    • file sync with keeping control for rights
    • free software and open standards
    • clients for major free desktops or mobile devices
    • integration in free desktops
    • plattform for many more applications
    • it is enterprise ready
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