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Arch Linux on Lenovo Thinkpad E14 Gen 3 - fix not working 3d and missing wifi

After almost ten years of great living with it, I went from a x250 to an e14.

I've manage to switch from luks zfs encryption to native encryption and from grub to zfsbootmenu. Of course I've used my archiso with build in zfs support.

Next and most important part, I had serious trouble get 3D and wifi working with my default installation. I could not find anything but I made it. And the reason why all is now working fine is simple "switch from linux-lts to linux".

So if you want to have a smooth 3D party and a working wifi, switch to latest arch linux kernel "5.19.1".

Best regards, artodeto

Die KW 32/2022 im Link-Rückblick

Die KW 31/2022 im Link-Rückblick

Die KW 30/2022 im Link-Rückblick