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Web - Structual image manipulation

While browsing through the net, i found the a page about structual image manipulation (by Connelly Barnes, Eli Shechtman, Adam Finkelstein and Dan B Goldman). But, they can explain it better than i, so here is a small quote.

This paper presents interactive image editing tools using a new randomized algorithm for quickly finding approximate nearest neighbor matches between image patches. Previous research in graphics and vision has leveraged such nearest-neighbor searches to provide a variety of high-level digital image editing tools. However, the cost of computing a field of such matches for an entire image has eluded previous efforts to provide interactive performance.

As far as you can see, this whole thing was published in August 2009. Now imagine how far there are in the end of 2011. The video on their page is quite amazing and frightening. Picturing to oneself, what when someone (maybe like the "Staatstrojaner" for e.g.) overtake your pc and structual manipulate some images on it. Or what if someone "tweak" an picture with you and add some "funny" stuff on it.

But at least, it is cool anyway ;-). Down below, i linked the video from to save you a click.

PatchMatch: Structural Image Editing from Dan Goldman on Vimeo.