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Introduction In Arduino - Programming Of A Microcontroller

Short Presentation About CCC

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Low power low memory system. You learn (at least you have to) how to programm (matter of performance and memory usage).
Quite impressive expandable (a lot of add ones you can buy).

Arduino IDE is simple and available for a lot of systems.

Attraktor is organizing an arduino event each year.


Laser Harp Fully Functional MakerBot LED Cube 8x8x8



Setup and loop are the basic parts of each arduino program.
We played around with this cute tiny little thing and started using the starter kit as it should be used :-). The example source codes are well documented (jesus, i wished all the code i've seen would be that greate documented). It is a fun to do that in a group and it is amazing how easy (from my point on view) it is to get things done. And if you reach some boundries of that plattform, you get a pro in programming quite soon :-).