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tool - Bazzline_Controller_Plugin_Auth - Zend Framework Controller Plugin - now on

I just released my first project on As mention in the headline, it is called Bazzline_Controller_Plugin_Auth. It is a simple plugin which tests if the called url is a "logged in user" only url or not. If it is "logged in only", the user is redirected to the login. The previously called url is saved in the session. After a successfull login, the user gets redirected to this saved url. All can be configured in a config file.

This plugin is only for simple access controll by "user is logged in" or "user is not logged in". The ACL stuff is still in the pipeline and should not - to follow the KISS principle - be inside an auth plugin.

While setting up this project on github, i had some problems while getting a valid connection to github. I followed the howto but not "pressed enter" when asked for a file to store the key. Thats why:

ssh -T
failed. But when i added the -i option like:
ssh -T -i path/to/my/private/key
everything runs smoothly. After a short term of searching, i found the ssh issues page on The simple solution is:
Create or open the file at ~/.ssh/config Add the following lines:
Host User git Hostname PreferredAuthentications publickey IdentityFile /path/to/my/private/key
After that, the
git push -u origin master
runs without any errors.