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web - Serendipity 2.0.3 released

Happy new Year! Serendipity 2.0.3 has just been released to address a XSS security issue found and reported by Onur Yilmaz and Robert Abela from Thanks a lot for contacting us and working with us to address the issue.


And what I totally missed to write, the new serendipity 2.x admin interface is incredible cool. First I thought "ok" but after a few entries, it is amazing. It is fast and a lot of "small" things like long mouse movements are perfectly optimized. Thousand thanks from my side.

web - Serendipity (s9y) new release-candidate 1.7-rc2 available

[...] Serendipity 1.7 now at least requires PHP 5.2 to operate (due to Smarty3). [...] To make proper use of Smarty3, several core mechanisms have been updated. Other features include better nl2br/nobr plugin handling, Updated 2k11 theme, RSS sidebarplugin can now handle Atom feeds, entryproperties plugin can now define defaults for custom fields. See the contained NEWS release file on github for a list of all changes. [...] A huge thanks to developers who made the recent new features, (re)built templates and fixed plugins. This specifically applies to ophian, yellowled, onli, mattsches, Don - your continued work and help is invaluable to me (=Garvin). [...]

I am so excited about the fact, that the sidebar rss plugin can now handle atom feeds. This is f***ing awesome :-D. Thank you girls and guys.