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For the future, you simple have to believe in the car industry

A few days ago, I saw that japan wants to replace the analog mirrors for the cars and I thought "WTF?".
Today a Zero-day exploit was released which lets hackers attack your bmw car via their web portal.
With the second news in mind, I was forced to write this article - especially because of the last sentence.

Getting back to the titel, for me as a person who as to deal with technology day in and day out, it is hard to accept that people with less amount of knowledge about this stuff simple believe into technology. A mirror can not break. If it breaks, you are in serious issue anyway. But a camera, as well as a monitor can simple stop working. Especially the second post is something a whole industry simple does not want so accept that this will happen. What about hackers? What about a worm or a virus you just have to put into a mashed network of cars? What happens to the video records the camera will do? Don't think the so called "intelligence organizations" are not using this free mass surveillance option. And all in all, where are the real benefits for getting a bit more enslaved by technology?
Right now, it looks like only the industry who builds the camera system benefits from this. The car won't get cheaper if you add more and more stuff. The car also won't use less gas if it has to power and move more stuff. Last but not least, the car won't be easier to recycle with all that complicated materials inside.

Last sentences: Open source community, it looks like the magical hand of the market failed again on the car sector. Instead of building useful products, they simple try to add technology everywhere. They destroyed our cars, so lets start building our own ones, reliable, safe and with a small footprint for mother nature.