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Mozilla Firefox Extension Treestyle Tab And About:Config

I run into a problem with my beloved extension called "Treestyletab" since i updated to firefox 23+. The extensions tab bar has become that small, that i couldn't read the tabbar text or the icon, more or less, the gui was useless in that state.
My first idea was to wait and see if anybody else had the same problem. Since mozilla is doing high speed development like the evil search engine from the nsa, it is possible that they are breaking compatibility with every release (thats the main idea behind this big numberrun, give a shit about compatiblility).
After a week, i couldn't find any big problems on the web that are similar to my own one. So i opened the about:config and investigated the content.

The follwing quote are the current, changed settings for this extension. I bolded the one, that solved my problem.

extensions.treestyletab.animation.enabled: false
extensions.treestyletab.maxTreeLevel.vertical: 12
extensions.treestyletab.preferences.newTab-tabbox.selectedIndex: 0
extensions.treestyletab.prefsVersion:9 true
extensions.treestyletab.tabbar.autoHide.area: 8
extensions.treestyletab.tabbar.autoHide.delay: 0
extensions.treestyletab.tabbar.autoHide.mode: 1
extensions.treestyletab.tabbar.autoHide.mode.toggle: 1
extensions.treestyletab.tabbar.autoShow.tabSwitch: false
extensions.treestyletab.tabbar.shrunkenWidth: 64
extensions.treestyletab.tabbar.shrunkenWidth.default: 64
extensions.treestyletab.tabbar.width: 160 0
extensions.treestyletab.tabbar.shrunkenWidth.default: true
extensions.treestyletab.useEffectiveTLD: false