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MongoDb or CouchDB or something else?

I just had a chat with a business colleagues about "use mongoDB or CouchDB".
From my point of view, its clear. MongoDB looks like it is not that open source as it should be (correct me if I am wrong), CouchDB is open source, so CouchDB wins.
While doing a search in the net, I found three pages I would like to share.

usergroup - meetup - phpug - hamburg - 130320

Grunar+Jahr Condition driven quality management / Test Pattern Nils Langner and Torsten Franz - three developers to one qa - what is quality? Reaching defined goals - Balanced score card - define threshold of errors (with which bugs is it still releasable) - also check ISO/IEC 9126 - differ between technical qa and functional qa - tools: jmeter, phpunit, bamboo, phplint, phpcs - reviews/analyse: code, architecture, flow of data - explore with teams how to test the application (try to break it) - github: livetests

couchDB jan lehnardt - example by using node.js proxy and two couchDB's with replication. - changes stream can be used to implement event based jobs, pull services - PouchDB is couchDB for mobils, based on javascript ->stores data in client as long as couchDB backend is not available - TouchDB for smartphones (ios, android) - BigCouch implements googles dynamo implementation - You can restrict document types after implementation (add/cover with a schema) - Queries in couchDB are json queries named views ->map functions are equals to selects ->reduce functions are calculating stuff like sum, count, stats or own functions. Can be extended (e.g. lucene) - CouchDB is written in ERLANG

Pretty cool talks. Especially Jan lights my fire to play with couchDb :-D.