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howto - cups error typecheck offending command idiv

Once in a day, my network printer stopped working. All he was printing on a paper was:

A quick look to the cups service turned out the following message.
systemctl status org.cups.cupsd.service
error: Failed to create /var/spool/cups/tmp/.hplip
If you run into this problem, it is an easy one.
Do a "df -h | grep /var" and with a high chance, you will see a "100%" or something close by right before "/var". So whats the problem? Your "/var" is running out of disk space. Use a tool like "ncdu" to check what can be removed. Printing should work right after fighting the disk space issue.

howto - add a printer in linux with cups

A small howto for the task "adding a printer in linux by using cups". - Start the cups service (service cups start, rc.d start cups - this depends on your distro) - Open "/etc/cups/cups.conf" and search for "SystemGroup" and note the group - If needed, add your user to this group by using "usermod -a -G $groupname $username - Open a browser and open the url "http://localhost:631/", there you are at the administration page for cups The rest should be self explaining.