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An unfinished review about the book "Patterns, Principles, and Practices of Domain-Driven Design" by Scott Millett

To put my current status in one sentence would end in something like "Still not finished but already learned and achieved so much".
This entry is about the book named "Patterns, Principles, and Practices of Domain-Driven Design" by Scott Millett.

First of all, thank you Scott Millett.

I started reading this book at the end of 2015 and I am right now on chapter eleven. It is not because of the complexity of this book. It is because of the essential knowledge shared in each sentence (ok, maybe only each paragraph ;-)).
My approach right now is to read a page and practice it right away, either in the company at all, in the team or in the code.
Since Domain Driven Design is quite close to normal behavior and life, I always run into open arms when explaining somebody an idea, either a part of the qa, the developers or the business stuff.
It is also cool that Scott Millett tells you more than once, Domain Driven Design is not the silver bullet.

As written above, I am far away from having finished this book, but even now (ore even few chapters before) I would have signed the sentence "totally worth the money".

Last but not least, thank you Scott Millett.