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Safe the open web - Please Tim Berners-Lee, kick out the EME proposal

Zak Ragoff has written an important article about Tim Berners-Lee decision he has to make right now.

Tim decided it the past to not include closed source binary blob software running in the browser without any control to lock down the web to something big companies can control. Was this the right decision? Well, see where HTML or javascript is used and answer the question on your own.

Big, DRM companies like Netflix, Apple, Google and Microsoft (they are just the vassals from MPAA and RIAA - America, fuck yeah! ;-)) are working on a standard called Encrypted Media Extension. This proposal is created to gain control over anything. You can start with Videos but the proposal is "open for change", so it is a no brainer to add images, audio, more or less even the whole HTML or Javascript under the "cover" of a DRM.

Beside the fact that big companies can decide who can see what, there is an even bigger issue rotating in my open source mind. I, as a user, have to run closed source binary code and all I can do is pray or blindly trust that this companies are not fooling around with me like mining all my data or that they are taking security serious. Well, call me blinded by the past, but this never happens on close source software.

Please Tim, do it like Linus has done it with NVidia and give them a nice "I don't care" kick in their buts.

Today is International Day Against DRM

On Tuesday, May 6th, 2014, the world comes together to say no to Digital Restrictions Management. If you're arriving soon after the day, it's not too late! Please don't miss the opportunity to act now while the Internet is still buzzing about the International Day Against DRM. See how you can get involved, check out participating organizations, and read publications about the Day.

Digital Restrictions Management: toxic to your freedom

During the last year, we've seen Digital Restrictions Management creep farther into the world of technology (including coffee makers and cars), even as we build a stronger and stronger community to fight it. A growing number of people are living within a box constrained by DRM without even knowing it. The future is DRM in everything, if we don't do something.