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enable multiple search results in phpstorm

Because it is somekind of a hidden feature, you can have multiple search results in your phpstorm. Hit "Ctrl+Shift+F" and search for "open in new tab". Check the checkbox and their you go.
But be aware of the psychological side effects. It is good to only have one search result, this keeps you away from mentally switching between different tasks.
Thanks to my colleague for this hint.

next step in clothes evolution - rfid blocking ockets

A colleague just passed me the following links Splashproof messenger bag, Waterproof 10" tablet sleeve and Huge waterproof heavy duty bag. I can not judge about the quality but i want to point out a super cool feature. All three products have a feature called "RFID signal blocking pocket". I will take care of this kind of feature for my next clothes!
Creating such a blocker is not that complicated but its a good step that makers starting thinking about that.