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Martin Shkreli is showing how the finance world is ticking

Ever thought about how far away finance people are from the normal folks? Take a look to "Martin Shkreli" and see how they are ticking.
Instead of solving world problems to the earth a better place, he increased the price of "Daraprim" from 13.05 to 750 US $ .

Daraprim is used to treat toxoplasmosis, a condition caused by a parasite that exists in nearly a quarter of the U.S. population over age 12, but which can prove deadly for the unborn children of pregnant women and for immunocompromised individuals like AIDS patients. These vulnerable populations will now have to pay over 5,000 percent more for their treatment.

Of course, politicians are telling you that they can not do anything ... they could, but they don't want to.
But before throwing stones to Mr. Shkreli, think about that he is "just one of them all". There are even more finance people around their how are doing things like that. Instead of doing it the "full force" violence way, we as society need to discuss how we want to go on with our life and the way we are living. I am not writing about shifting to socialism, "just" about putting some more humanism into the way we are acting. Is your new super car really worth the effort of having blood from many peoples on your wheels?

web - If half the people who get this email do this, we could end censorship forever

Dear Fight for the Future member,

Imagine how awful it would be if your favorite websites were blocked by your government. And if, no matter how tech-savvy you were, every tool or trick you used to escape censorship was blocked in a matter of months.

That's what life is like for China's entire population of 1.3 billion people. In the country that produces 90% of the world's smartphones, you can’t even reach YouTube – and the government shuts down anti-censorship tools as soon as they become popular.

But now, there's a new hope in the fight against censors: Lantern.

Lantern is an app that anyone can run to fight censorship. When you run it, you join a global network: If your Internet is uncensored, you *give* uncensored access to others. If your Internet is censored, you can *get* uncensored access via someone else.

Can you take one step right now that will help thousands break free from Internet censorship? Download and install Lantern!

Lantern’s features make it really hard to block. It disguises its traffic and bounces it through popular, costly-to-censor services. It also builds a giant cloud of volunteer proxies, using a "six degrees of separation" trick to find friends of friends to proxy through, increasing the number of internet addresses involved and making it impractical for censors to block every one. But to make this work, we need thousands of people (you!) to download Lantern and run it.

Sometimes the Internet wins by banding together as a community. Sometimes we win through clever technical tricks. This time, the problem requires both: we need to come together around tools like this to get a victory.

Lantern is free, open source, and just takes a minute. Can you install Lantern and help beat China's censors?

Once you install it, you forget it's there. I've been running Lantern for months now with no issues. Please do install it now!

Holmes Wilson
Fight for the Future


I must admit, it is late on my side and all I did was give it a short try. There is no official package for my current linux distribution and the unofficial is broken. But the source code is available on github so it should be possible to build it.