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web - Europäisches Parlament spricht sich für mehr freie Software aus

Die öffentlichen Verwaltungen sollen mehr freie Software einsetzen. Dies ist in einer jetzt beschlossenen Resolution enthalten, die freie Software stärker befürwortet, als es die Europäische Kommission bisher tut


Sehen kann man all dies leider nur als Bitten und nicht als Forderungen. Ich denke jedoch, dass man das Bewusstsein für die Vorteile von freier Software fördert, wenn man es vermehrt im Bildungswesen einsetzt (sofern man dies überhaupt machen sollte).
Freie Software in der Bildung hilft dabei, den Konsum außen vor zu lassen. Gleichzeitig lernen die Schüler die wichtigste Regel aus der Welt der freie Software, Transparenz und Offenheit (auch Offenheit Fehler anzusprechen). Wenn man den Kindern diese Tugenden in der Schule vermitteln kann, wird eine gute und neue Generation erwachsen.

Ein großes Dankeschön geht an die Free Software Foundation Europe, welche einen großen Teil dazu beigetragen hat die Wünsche des Volkes durchzusetzen.

version 1.0.0 of php component cli argument released

I am happy to annoucen the release of 1.0.0 of bazzlines cli argument component for php.

  • easy up handling of following kinds of arguments
    • flags (command -f|--force)
    • lists (command --foobar=foo | command -f=foo)
    • values values (command )

A simple call to the shipped "run.php" with the following arguments:

php run.php --foo bar --foobar=foo --foobar="bar" -f="foo" -f=bar -b foobar foo -flag
Generates the following output:

arguments provided:
flags provided:
lists provided:
values provided:

version 1.1.0 of php component requirement released

I happy to announce the release of 1.1.0 of bazzlines requirement component for php. Important changes are:

  • added example WithDisabledCondition
  • added example WithDisabledItem
  • added getConditions() method to RequirementInterface - this easies up disabling single conditions or single items (by using condition->getItems())
  • added migration howto
  • added version eye and scrutinizer coverage
  • covered AbstractItem and AbstractCondition with unit test
  • created AbstractItem that implements ItemInterface
  • created IsDisabledInterface
  • created ItemInterface
  • created TestCase that is extended by all phpunit tests
  • implemented IsDisabledInterface to AbstractCondition
  • implemented IsDisabledInterface to Requirement
  • refactored ConditionInterface, addItem now only accepts ItemInterface instead of IsMetInterface
  • refactored Condition::getItems() - now returns plain php array
  • renamed ConditionAbstract to AbstractCondition
  • renamed and updated previous WithShutdown example to WithDisabledRequirement
  • updated dependencies

Lenovo Thinkpad Yoga S1 12 (2015) - disable keyboad beep

So, nearly all of the code shown below is from the official arch linux wiki or the official arch linux forum.
I've no idea how this book is doing under windows since I have a strict no-closed-source-operation-system-policy. Under arch linux, it is working. The "FN"-Keys are not working so far. The touchpad is working, the trackpad-key's (the feature of the 2015 edition) as well as the Touchscreen. What really grinds my nuts (beside this doomed intel secure boot/guard shit) was the "keeboard beep" everywhere.
Search for "disable pc speaker" and be happy - or follow the code below or the updated one behind link.

# verify device version
dmidecode -t system | grep Version

# disable pc speaker / keyboard beep
# @see

#per session
rmmod pcspkr

echo "blacklist pcspkr" > /etc/modprobe.d/nobeep.conf

So far, what do i like?
It is fast, quite and feels really good. The keyboard layout differs from my old thinkpad keyboard, so especially for the left hand, I'm always one key to far. I really can't get the point to not have an led for the "caps lock" key - this sucks.
Touchscreen rotation is currently not working and since it is also not working for older devices (2014), I don't assume it will work ever. Full HD is great of course. My old HP Elitebook was native 12 inche and this Yoga is a monster in size compared to the hp. 12.5 inch? - in your dreams mister advertisment!
Really bad is the current backlight situation. I clearly can see bright areas on the top right as well as on the bottom left. Thats why I shift it with an other one. Take care of the prices! You can't get one without this sucking windows, but you pay less for a windows 8 instead of a windows 8.1.
It is really sad that the marked is not producing a 12 inch pointstick notebook with a full hd display (and 16 GB of memory). Fuck this ultrabook-sickness, I don't care it it is a bit wider if I can exchange parts and run it with 16 GB of memory.