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Andrew S. Tanenbaum talking about Minix 3 at froscon 2015

Lucky enough, I was able to fetch a somehow seat in the presentation about minix - version 3 done by mister Andrew S. Tanenbaum.
As usual, he presented the way minix had gone, how he did things, what goals they want to reach and what the current status is (including upcomming features). And also, as usual, he did this by adding so much fun and joy into the talk which is, every time, pretty amazing. I had the chance to see multiple talks done by mister Tanenbaum and finally that is the whole intension I want to recommend any talk everywhere nearby you. If you have the chance, take the chance and simple listen and enjoy the time.

froscon 10 (2015) - der Termin steht

Der Termin für die 10 froscon steht, es ist der "22. + 23. August 2015".
Und jetzt der Knüller, die Froscon ist für lau, kostenfrei, costa quanta nada. Man möchte es gar nicht zu deutlich schreiben, wenn man sich den Wachstum der letzten Jahre bedenkt, aber wow - ihr seid verrückt, liebe frosconer :-). Nun könnt ihr euch nur noch einmal steigern, indem ihr die Anreise für Lau anbietet ;-).
Das Programm gibt es hier.
Ich kenne schon jetzt fünf Personen, die sich auf den August freuen.

froscon - humanitarian opensource software

Wolfgang Schlegel

"Let's make the world a better place"

what is humanitarian software?

  • "humanitarian" -> concerned with or seeking to promote human welfare
  • "i want to use my skills and expertise to improve human welfare"


  • family tracing and reunification
  • helps children who are separated from their caregivers in emergency situations
  • mobile phone application (client) and data storage system (server)
  • started by students
  • used in uganda 2012, south sudan 2013, philippines after typhoon yolanda


  • ruby on rails server software
  • couchdb
  • frontends
    • android
    • netbook
  • gnu affero gpl 3

how can you help?


  • open plattform for financial inclusion
  • loan products and loan accounts
  • savings products and saving accounts
  • backoffice
  • surveys and progress out of poverty tracking (how big is the impact to the country or does it even have a bad impact)
  • initiated by grameen foundation
  • non profit organiztion based in washington dc
  • replicates the grameen bank microfinance model around the world
  • launched mifos in 2006 by the foundation by the foundation
  • returned mifos back to the community in 2011
  • heavily used in africa and asia
  • online demo
  • well documented restful endpoints)


  • java 7
  • jax-rs, jersry (restful endpoint)
  • JSON, google GSON
  • spring
  • hibernate
  • mysql
  • mozilla public licence 2.0

how can you help?

  • write code
  • ui/ux enhancements
  • write documentation
  • mainpage


  • medical record system
  • replaces paper based records
  • improves health care delivery
  • regenstrief institue, and informatics and healthcare research organization
  • parners in health, an organization providing healthcare for the poor
  • created in 2004 as a platfotm for developing countries
  • used in north and south america as well as europe, africa, asia and india
  • not certificated in europe as official medical record system


  • java
  • spring
  • hibernate
  • mysql
  • tomcat
  • openmrs public license, based on mizulla public license

how can you help?

  • introductory tickets (small easy bugs/features)
  • community tickets (story of a feature)
  • projects (big module)
  • mainpage

getting involved

  • pair on a ticket (alone and simple tryout)
  • code jams (with friends)
    • people
    • things to work on
    • keep it small (things should be doable at that jam)
    • prepare tickets / stories
    • location
    • keep going
  • conferences (to talk about it or join a code jam)
  • meetups (same as conference but local/regular based)
  • summers of code (big conference ;-))
  • universities (show students how to code in real world)

froscon 2014 - not being an asshole is not enough

Ellen König at redfrog conf

for the community?

  • do not block new possible members
  • ideas comes from our background
  • people with different background would have different ideas

for the affected individuals

  • only the ones working with (open source) software can have impact on the way this software will grow
  • those people with better starting conditions have better opportunities

mental schemas equals duck typing

  • common ground differs if you thing about "woman" and "programmers"
  • if "she" does not fit into the category of a programmer, she would not be recognized as a programmer

how does dis impact the daily routine

  • implicit bias
  • stereotype threat
  • ingroup bias
  • accumulating disadvantage

now, what can we do?

  • not doing dramatic shifts
  • more of beeing aware
  • doing small stuff
  • thinking of your values in challenging situations
  • insist on a fair distribution of stereotypical tasks
  • seek out visible, influential roles
  • focus on learning over performing
  • evaluate fairly, objectively and anonymized
  • encurage and support "safe spaces"
  • endorse, promote and mentor minority community members
  • share stories of your own struggles in similar situations
  • participate fairly in stereotypical tasks
  • refer to objective standards when giving feedback
  • encourage minority members to take opportunities

typicall learning curve

  • unconscious incompetence
  • consicous incomepence (current state in community)
  • conscious competence
  • unconscious competence