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All API-Documents belongs to us - new Content on

After years of old content on, there is new content available there.
The page is now used as the central list of available "free as in freedom" open source software projects. Thanks to the api document builder, the content and especially the api documentation gets updated once per day. Of course, the api document builder is created by lovely and fluffy bazzline components :-).

Updated Zend Framework 2 Modules because of the locator generator version 2.0.0 release

I announced already, version 2.0.0 of the "locator generator" is out.
Because of that, I am also happy to announce the release of 1.4.1 from the zend framework 2 "locator generator" module.
Furthermore, the debian 6/PHP 5.3 backport got the release of version 1.3.0.
And finally, and because of the fact that zend framework 2.5.* is dropping support for PHP 5.4, the new debian 7/PHP 5.4 got the release of version 1.7.0.
Major changes in all releases is the dependency update to the new locator generator version.

You want to have a quick look and tryout without any hassle? Try the zf demo environment available in three flavors, cutting edge, debian 7/PHP 5.4 backport and debian 6/PHP 5.3 backport.

version 2.0.0 of php locator generator component released

I happy to announce the release of 2.0.0 of bazzlines locator generator component for php. Important changes are:

  • Generator.php now throws "InvalidArgumentException" instead of "RuntimeException
  • Generator now tries to create the provided directory if it does not exists
  • fixed issue 2
  • fixed issue 4
  • fixed issue 5
  • implement usage of php_component_cli_arguments
  • implement usage of php_component_command
  • fixed broken entry of "bin" in composer.json
  • renamed "bin/generalte_locator" to "bin/net_bazzline_generate_locator"
  • renamed "bin/generateLocator.php" to "bin/generate_locator"
  • renamed "example/[..]/run.php" to "example/[...]/run"
  • fixed issue 3
  • updated dependencies

version 1.3.3 of zend framework 2 locator generator released

I happy to announce the release of 1.3.3 of bazzlines zend framework 2 locator generator module for php. Important changes are:

  • updated dependencies
  • removed apigen dependency
  • fixed dependency issue
  • added factory for controller creation
  • updated to locator generator 1.4.0
  • added documentation @todo - add link
  • added migration
  • added link to debian 6 / zend framework 2.2 backport
  • prefixed console commands with "net_bazzline" to not pollute the available command environment