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quick one, output the license for each composer.json project within a root path

A quick one since I have to alligne all my open source packages to theSPDX License List. To list all available licenses from my root path, I've quickly written this one liner.

find . -maxdepth 2 -name composer.json -type f -exec grep -i -H license {} \;

Boy, to write this one liner without having a look to one man-page took me ... well, ages.

tool - ack is a tool like grep, optimized for programmers

I stumbled over a domain name called " and thought "wow, bold statement". But i liked the testimonials as well as the featurelist so i played a round a bit and you really get the feeling ack is doing better then grep in the metter of "output what you search for". I will go on with my investigation, lets see if i find something i can add to this entry.

howto - regex - apache php

Currently, there is no howto. But by the time of running into and solving problems with regex, a view pages helped my a lot. So here they are. regex php german by regex howto german by regex howto english by regex in apache mod_rewrite by regex online tool by regex online test by

mplayer - play files selected with "ls | grep $name" using xargs

Easy task, you want to listen to some files in your audio directory. You can list the files via ls and also grep them by piping the output of ls. But how do you get this result to the mplayer? By using xargs.

ls | grep '$mynameschema' | xargs mplayer

Do you want to know more about using xargs? Try the following link