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Tool - Create Multiboot USB Stick - windows linux

Since the capacity of usb sticks are raising and raising, it would be a perfect deal to have "one usb stick for all live operation systems".
For that reason, the boys and girls from sardu have created a beautiful windows tool for you. It is so simple and quite powerful that you just need to download, use and donate to it!

Wait, you are already on the right os side with the cookies and also want to have a tool like that?
Try to use liveusb.

SmartOS - The Complete Modern Operating System?

SmartOS incorporates the four most revolutionary OS technologies of the past decade — Zones, ZFS, DTrace and KVM — into a single operating system, providing an arbitrarily observable, highly multi-tenant environment built on a reliable, enterprise-grade storage stack. With the introduction of KVM in SmartOS, you no longer have to give up the power of an enterprise-grade operating system in order to run legacy applications and stacks. SmartOS turns any server into a highly efficient hosting platform for multi-tenant, machine-to-machine, or storage applications. SmartOS offers unique, innovative tools for application developers, service providers and data center operators – tuned and hardened for modern datacenter deployment.

Sound exciting, i will give him a try (in the wintermonths of course :-) ).

I also found an entry on

Ein Entwicklerteam des Cloud-Providers Joyent hat den Hypervisor des Linux-Kernels auf den freien OpenSolaris-Kernel des Illumos-Projekts portiert. Wie die Entwickler schreiben, soll KVM (Kernel-based Virtual Machines) die OpenSolaris-Variante SmartOS um hardwaregestützte Virtualisierung erweitern – als Ergänzung zu der Virtualisierungstechnik Zones des Solaris-Kernels, mit der mehrere Benutzerzumgebungen gegeneinander abgeschottet unter einem Kernel laufen.
SmartOS bringt KVM in den Solaris-Kernel