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Writing blog entries with markdown

As you can see, i am writing blog entries. While i have started the blog thing, i've tried to write only long entries. After some tries, i figured out that this is something that is hard to achieve.

Since i have a small notebook, i've started to take notes on each talk i've attended. Since it is getting complicated and time consuming to have constant way of writing textfiles, i've tried a lot of markup languages. First i tried to create something on my own, then i tried a mediawiki syntax or even xml. All the markups are either not robust or easy enough for daily work or they have taken to long to write.

Thanks to github and composer, the markdown syntax had popped in my live. And finally landslide performed the majro breakthrough to take some time for markdown. After creating a simple how to use markdown, i started to use markdown in a common way - meaning everywhere. Finally, this leads to the entry i'm currently writing (yes you are near the end, just read a view more lines and you made it :-)).

So nowdays, i just start to oben vim with a new markdown file. After i have written my file, i am using the command "markdown > myFile.html" to convert the filecontent to an html file. The rest is simple copy and paste. The benefits for me? I can use the markdownfiles on my pc and have an elegant and readable file. And as a plus, i can simple share my thoughts with you :-).