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MilaX - the open solaris mini cd os

Try to mess around with the open solaris environment but don't want to boot up (or download) a fully fledged openindiana? A answer could be MilaX.

MilaX is a small size Live CD distribution which runs completely off a CD or a USB pendrive. It is based on OpenSolaris and includes its basic features.

Whats on wikipedia about MilaX?

MilaX is an OpenSolaris Live CD distro designed to fit on a business-card sized miniCD. x86 and SPARC versions are downloadable in bootable ISO 9660 and USB disk images. The Live CD can also be used to install the operating system to a hard disk through with ZFS-boot support. MilaX can be successfully loaded in Vmware, Qemu and VirtualBox. Still small, it features light applications such as JWM, Beaver, Urxvt, Vim, Sylpheed, Midnight Commander, Midori, XMMS, ePDFView, VNC viewer, Rdesktop, Conky. By installing the SVR4 and IPS add-ons, you can basically convert MilaX into OpenSolaris. MilaX booted into JWM Desktop in about ~14 seconds on SSD drive.

The whole cool stuff is include like:

  • DTrace
  • IPMP
  • SMF
  • snoop
  • Crossbow
  • Solaris Cluster
  • ZFS
  • and more...