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note - zend framework 2 - 120924

I am currently playing around with the new zend framework 2. It feels so fresh to work with. Less magic and hidden logic and especially the new way of working with forms feels so useful. I am pleased to have a small project in the pipe to work with it.

notes - froscon 2012 - alternative php runtimes - sebastian bergmann

Following are my notes to sebastians bergmann presentation. The presentation was quite good (you can add "as usual" if you have seen sebastian bergmann more than once :-)).

#120825 sebastian bergmann

_general - he found at least 10, some ready for production - php core is threadsafe, problems are linked in extensions

_php - bytecode-based interpreter (interpiler) - php->php-bytecode->execution - "the" (official) implementation of the php language ->currently no official specification exists

phpruntime - token base - reads file character by character (scanner) - tries to figure out what to do with the words (parser) ->compilekit shows you how your code looks when it is compiled as bytecode - bytecode is is not optimized

_hiphop (only productive alternative) - tries to save power (cpu usage) and also speed up "some things" ->main reason is saving powercosts

  • php->c++->native binary
  • reimplementation of the php runtime (with common extensions) in c++
    • like filesystem, mysql (what they need to run facebook)
    • compiling takes long (very long)
    • sebastian compield phpunit for hiphop
    • faster from factor 1 to 3
    • compiling takes up to factor 65 more time on hip hop but scalls very well with cores
      • CodeError.js (hphp -> tool to transform them in xml or whatever for continious integration)
    • binaries became very large (facebook uses bittorrent for deploing) ->thats why they implement the HipHopInterpreter (factor 2 slower than php) ->shares library of hip hop but is based on php
    • optimize code by compiling
    • tries to figure out the type your variables (to set native c++ types where possible)
      • significant smaller footprint by good code
    • php unit works (with all features)
      • you have to compile your code plus php unit code plus your test code

sebastian knows two companies that are working with hiphop.

_hippyVm - php interpreter implemented using PyPy - faceboog sponsored study by 1 person and 2 months - get as close to php as possible - is it feasible to implement a php runtime using PyPy ->it is possible to implement 80 percent of php in 20 percent of the time

_DaVinci Machine Project (MLVM) - Multi-Language renaissance for the JVM - First-Class Architectural support for languages other than java - Facebook is working on (or at least thinking about) PHP on MLVM - Isn't the first (and not the last) php runtime implementation on jvm

_HappyJIT - academic investigation - PHP Interpreter implemented using PyPY - PHP->Zend Parser->PHP Bytecode->APC->BcParser->HappyJIT Bytecode - tries to optimize php bytecode - they have to use APC to get the bytecode

_php.js - php interpreter implemented in java script - same 80/20 rule

_phalanger - php->common intermediate language (CIL - microsoft .net code) - rewrite underway to leverage the dynamic language runtile (dlr) - started as reasearch projcet

_php compiler (phc) - academic investigation - php->native binary - static analysis: abstract syntax tree in xml

_rose ( - framework for source-to-source transformation and static analysis - strated at a military laboratory - php support based on phc - php->AST in PHP XML->

_Roadsend PHP - PHP->Native binary - No longer maintained

_Roadsend PHP: Raven (RPHP) (available on github) - Based on LLVM, C++ Runtime - Reuses code from phc

_Pipp - php->parrot bytecode - looks dead

_Quercus - Implementation of php 100% in java

_ibm webspheare smash ( - php->java bytecode - c-level php extensions can be used via the nava native interface - support for DBGp debugging protocol

_talaria runtime ( - currently in private beta - claims 10 times faster - clains support for real-world applications such as drupal and wordpress - currently no information in what they implement php

_trade-off - use all or some php features - time to implement vs runtime


//reflectionApi practical php reflection | how to use php reflection api | Die Reflection Api