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howto - some basic ion / notion keybinds

After few years with fluxbox it was time to search for something else. Inspired by a friend of mine i searched for tiling window manager.

The ion has some legal problems, i tried out a fork called notion. After a reading the man page and using the windowmanager for a view hours, it is impressive how great it works out of the box. There is also another fork called anion3, just to mention it. There is a already builded package for debian/amd64 behind this link.

Thats why i started writing my howto and want to present it to you but also to me ;-). The "mod1" key should be "alt"-left but you can figure it out by calling "xmodmap" on your console.

mod1+f3execute lua code
f5file to edit
f6file to view
f9create new workspace
mod1+,cycle workspace backward
mod1+.cycle workspace forward
mod1+cclose current object
mod1+tabforward focus
mod1+k+tabbackward focus
mod1+k hmaximize frame horizontal
mod1+k vmaximize frame vertical
mod1+rbegin move/reszie mod
left -> grow in direction
shift left -> shrink in direction
mod1+gquery client window to go
mod1+mdisplay context menu
mod1+k dde-/reattach an object from frame
mod1+k 1switch to first object in current frame
mod1+k btile frame
mod1+k xdestroy frame
mod1+ssplit frame vertically
mod1+k ssplit frame horizontally
mod1+k cclears client owning window
mod1+returntoggle client windows to full screen mode

Refering to the Notion Keybinds i have created a printout. Have fun with it. Current builds can be found at An tutorial is available on the official wiki-page.

howto - debian / ubuntu / linux mint - list all installed packages

dpkg --get-selections
With the upper command on your peferred shell you get a list of all installed packages. By using | less or | grep mypackage it is very handy to filter for criterias. Want to know more? Follow the links below. apt-get introduction