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magento meetup - 121211

date: 11.12.2012 place: Agenturwerft - Mattentwiete 8, Hamburg link:

introduction There where more then 98 magento meeting this year.

Newsletter marketing with magento and inxmail by Katharina who we are - based in ahrensburg/hamburg - webdesign, online-marketing, logo-design, mailings, flyer ... - implemented 10 magento shops in last three years - since 2005 inxmail solution and hosting partner - 10 employes - started implementing of open source interface in 2010 - email marketing and all about You can track clickareas in emails like hotspots on webpages. Registration export with all, by law, needed informations. Double opt in ... (sorry an important call received me) magento and inxmail magento - contains and manages user data - process ordering - "user cockpit" - product informations inxmail - contains and manages subscriptions - documents the process of subscription - mailing quality - bounce management - reports of mailings mag2inx and inx2mag mag2inx - open source - interface to transfere data from magento to inxmail example: - user registers to or via newsletter (single-opt-in or confirmed opt-in) - user changes data inx2mag - closed source - interface to transfere data from inxmail to magento example: - user deletes his newsletter subscriptions double opt-in Double opt-in currently not needed by law. process - user registeres to newsletter - magento adds user to subscriptionlist - sends user in status "unapproved" to inxmail - inxmail sends mail to user - user subscrips - inxmail status switched to "approved" - inxmail transferes status "approved" to magento - user doesn't subcrips - nothing happens future planing - configureable fields available in magento (currently prename and suffname, emailaddress and title) - selection of magento products via xml template

generate product informations with excel and import them into magento by mash2 who we are - specialized to import/export mechanism to and from magento - company exists since 2012 export available product informations - since 1.5.x -> use new export but doesn't export data in a well way - thats why mash2 still uses the dataflow - in excel you choose "data->from text" and select utf8-unicode and comma separated - excel remembers the import process based on filename, so future import is easy and faster than first one polish product informations in excel - excel is well known in management, merchant and consultant area - use excel based concate to auto generate data (description/seo words) to fill up the excelsheet import informations in magento - save as unicode file - use import, choose file and thats it