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(Arch) Linux Raspberry Pi Set GPU Memory

If you want to use your raspberry pi in headless mode (no monitor connected), you can decrese the number of memory from your gpu to gain more free memory.
Open the file "/boot/config.txt" and search for something like "gpu_mem_". The advice is to set it to something like "64" or "48". Otherwise it is possible that your pi will not boot.

raspberry pi, xbmc and the new amazon prime

Since amazon bundles its prime with the video steaming, i wanted to check if i can use my raspberry pi with this amazon service also. I searched for some howtos on the web but only found outdated entries.
At the end, it turned out it was working in the past and it is working in the present for windows pcs with a lot of horsepower under the hood. Since amazon bundles a lot of DRM-sh*t, it is impossible to get something done on a pi so far.

FreeBSD On Raspberry Pi

The FreeBSD team announced their major release of version 10. As a side note, they are supporting the Raspberry Pi out of the box now.

You can find a cool blog entry on A download link to the image is also inside this article.
Furthermore, the FreeBSD team have added/updated an entry on their wiki.

I'm curious how the pi performs on an zfs filesystem (i know the world already, especially thanks to the way usb mass storage can be handled on the pi ;-/).