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serendipity command line update released

I am happy to announce the initial and 1.0.0 of the serendipity command line update script. It is designed to do the boring work of updating against the latest release. The workflow is dead simple.

  • fetch latest version
  • check if latest version is installed
  • make a backup of the existing installation
  • update

Enjoy using it. If you find an error, feel free to open an issue or a pull request.

web - Serendipity 2.0.3 released

Happy new Year! Serendipity 2.0.3 has just been released to address a XSS security issue found and reported by Onur Yilmaz and Robert Abela from Thanks a lot for contacting us and working with us to address the issue.


And what I totally missed to write, the new serendipity 2.x admin interface is incredible cool. First I thought "ok" but after a few entries, it is amazing. It is fast and a lot of "small" things like long mouse movements are perfectly optimized. Thousand thanks from my side.

tool - serendipity syntax plugin highlighting

After seeing syntax highlighting by a friend, i decided to update my serendipity also. After a little bit of trying, i am now using "Prettify for S9Y (serendipity_event_prettify)". How to use it? Quite simple, install it and use "<pre class="prettyprint lang-foo">your code</pre>" to cover your codeblock. The following languages are supported right now:

lang-bsh lang-c lang-cc lang-cpp lang-cs lang-csh lang-cyc lang-cv lang-htm lang-html lang-java lang-js lang-m lang-msml lang-perl lang-pl lang-pm lang-py lang-rb lang-sh lang-xhtml lang-xml lang-xsl
By the way, you also get a fancy button on the "create entry page" for free. Just mark a text and click the button and magic javascript is encoding your html entities for you.