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played around with file synchronization tool syncthing v0.10.1

I played around with a file synchronisation tool called syncthing v0.10.1 and here is the outcome.

How To

enable gui to outside


<gui enabled="true" tls="false">

to (enable tls is optional)

<gui enabled="true" tls="true">

You should add user name and password for gui authentication as soon as possbile.

change default directory


<folder id="default" path="/home/<user>/Sync" ro="false" rescanIntervalS="60" ignorePerms="false">


<folder id="default" path="/home/<user>/<your folder path>" ro="false" rescanIntervalS="60" ignorePerms="false">

excluding files

  • put a .stignore file into the root of your sharing directory


  • // - comment (no effect)
  • - regular file name or file paths
      • zero or more character but not directory separator
  • ** - zero or more character with directory separator
  • ? - single character that is not the directory separator
  • / - matches in current directory only
  • #include - load patterns from a file
  • ! - negates the pattern (files that are not ignored)