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tool - doublecmd tabable filemanager open source windows linux

If i have never told you before, i am a really big fan of the "tab" concept. I was an early adopter of the mozilla suite (version 0.8 somewhat) while the software was full of bugs and was crashing more often the windows me. I am also a friend of the orthodox filemanagers concept and while browsing trough the world wide web i found a nice one called doublecmd.

Doublecmd itself is a file manager and behaves like the well known total commander. Do not get me wrong, i would use total command if they would provide a linux version - as far as i remember this was main reason to "go for a hunt" on the www to finde something similar to the total commander. In the end i found the doublecmd, installed it and now love it. So what are the main features of the doublecmd?

  • It is a double window filemanager
  • You can work on multiple paths and directorys by using tabs
  • Supports multiple renaming
  • Move file operations to queue
  • Use archives like directorys
  • Supports plug-ins
  • Portable version available

Try it out, it is hard not to use it. And when there will be a opportunity to donate, please do so as i will. So far, thats for all the fish doublecmd developers!

Tool - pcmanfm and qtfm - file manager tabbed browsing open source

While browsing through the web and "in the search of the perfect file manager", i found one that comply my requirements quite well. The requirements are "tabbed browsing", lightweight and fast. I don't need any kind of skinning/theming or eye candy stuff. While reading a lot like 10 file managers for linux or 10 file managers for ubuntu and trying them out a lot, i'm stucked with pcmanfm. This file manager is fast, has tabs and also bookmarks. Yesterday a friend of mine found another one called With qtfm, you can easily integrate scripts and use them via hot keys. It is smart two, so i just use pcmanfm "because i use it". But maybe qtfm has the benefit you are searching for.

Why no twin-panel filemanger? The answere is simple, two panels are not enough when i'm sorting files. I know i can use double commander but ... wellm you've already readed the because ;-).