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Peco - Simplistic interactive filtering tool

peco can be a great tool to filter stuff like logs, process stats, find files, because unlike grep, you can type as you think and look through the current results.


So the only downside is, you need get and install go for it (to build it on your own) or download a binary build. Peco is available in the aur

Demos speak more than a thousand words! Here's me looking for a process on my mac. As you can see, you can page through your results, and you can keep changing the query:

looking for a process

Version 1.0.0 of Jetbrains PhpStorm Installer for (Debian) Linux released

I started getting tired of installing phpstorm by hand again and again. Did I mention that installing is the same as updating?.
Since the ide is for php, of course I wrote the installer in php.

# simple install or update
php phpstorm.php path/to/linux/php/version.tar.gz 

# install or update and change group
#   good if you created a "developer" group on your system
php phpstorm.php path/to/linux/php/version.tar.gz your_group_name
I hope you are going to enjoy it.

tool to generate suggestions on potential problems in your php code

PHP-Tricorder is a CLI utility that scans structure files created using phpDocumentor and offers suggestions on potential problems with your code along with testing strategy information.

Executing /path/to/php tricorder.php will give you some usage information.

Please read the file LICENSE included with this code for licensing details.


Found it, gave it a try and want to share it.

Tool to test flash memory devices (usb stick, sd card)

So, i bought a usb stick for damn low price. I assumed it won't have the size but anyway, the price was low, i had some money in the pocket so i tried this delicious fruit of joy and fun.

As expected, the size doesn't fit and i can not format the stick without any errors. So i searched for a tool to test this sort of devices. After a while i found f3.

Whats the real size of my memory stick you going to ask? Well, i will keep this as a secret and won't try something like this again ;-).