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tool - php 5.4

Since the PHP 5.3 update nightmare, i will wait a while before i update my version. But all in all there are three cool features inside, traits, short array syntax and DTrace. Since DTrace is something for "when my development sever is ready to run", short array syntax and traits are ready to use.

Short array syntax is pretty nice.

$foobar = ['foo' => 'bar'];

And traits, well we will see if it is good to use ore not. I like the fact that you can easily define one method and use it where you want. So it is more or less an interface with implementation. I will spare you from the general Singleton example here ;-).

But i can recommend the following links if you want to know more. <a href="" target="_BLANK" title="short array syntax in php 5.4 and netbeans - 120316>short array syntax Whats new in php 5.4.0 traits Migration from 5.3.x to 5.4.x

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