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current state of synchronize owncloud with thunderbird lightning or android

So, I really gave it a try and invested multiple hours. Either my spirit is not strong enough today, or it is currently not possible to synchronize owncloud 8.0.2 calenders with other applications.
To calm me down, here is a list of possible problems that are the reasons I failed currently with my mission.

What did I learned?

And finally, a list of most promising howtos (always have an eye to the creation date and the owncloud version used).

howto copy or move thunderbird profile to pc and back from different location to default location

So, I tried to be smarter as smart and I moved the default thunderbird location from "$HOME/.thunderbird" to "$HOME/somewhere/else/thunderbird". I will call the second path " from now one. "" is the reference to "$HOME".
First of all, copy the data (super smart hint, use scp or sshfs for the copy process.

cp -r --preserve=timestamp,mode /.thunderbird /

Afterwards you have to adapt some files since the old path is stored there as references.

cd /.thunderbird
grep -lr 'path\/to\/thunderbird' *
#for each files

Now start your thunderbird for the first time and everything should be fine.