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RaspberryPi And Hardware Video Playback

Sadly but true, the local hamburg public transport stops "transporting" at half past one on weekdays, so i decided to watch the Fnord News Show at home.

Nothing special so far but there is this tiny raspberrypi near my full hd screen. I decided boot up the pi, start notion and wanted to watch the stream "on big screen".
Well, chromium was more a slideshow, mplayer was working but only in a slide show or with tiny video size (by the way, the load was way to high for a single core machine). A quick search on the web and i found thread. This thread links to a page called Hardware-accelerated video playback on the Raspberry Pi. To keep it short, mplayer isn't shipped with a hardware support, so simple install omxplayer, open your stream and you get full hd and hardware decoded video playback.

30c3 - alternative web address

Since is a little bit overcrowded, the irc channel just provided an alternative called
Pure benefit, it is stripped down to the essentials meaning "schedule plan" and link to the videos. There are also videos on youtube so join the congress mentaliy :-).

There is also a simple page with links available by 30c3 links at hackerspace prague. If you want to see the videos, simple use the twitter-c3streaming page and click on the most working source.