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web - Official Release of LuneOS and Project Updates (WebOS)


The main focus of LuneOS is to provide an operating system which is driven by the community and continues what we love(d) about webOS. We’re not trying to reach feature comparison with Android or iOS but rather building a system to satisfy basic needs in the mobile environment. Building a good quality mobile operating system from scratch is a hard job and is built in just the spare free time everyone involved in the project has. To get the best ratio between what we want and what we can do, we’re analyzing architectural decisions from both existing solutions we can base our work on and whether we have to write things from scratch.



If you ask me, LuneOS is one of the few trustable and open source mobile operation systems out there (beside the big Firefox OS, the hopefully sometimes open source Sailfish OS, the "maybe next year" tizen os and the super cool openmoko).
I'm really looking forward to see a bright future with cool operation systems I can use on a mobile phone (and not such a shitload of untrustable code f*ucking around with my personal data).