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Prevent Overwriting PHP Settings By An Application

Assumptive you have a apache webserver and you need to deal with an old application that fills up your log file with many strict entries. You need to prevent your "error_reporting" level to get overwritten.
You can achieve this by adding the following line in your apache httpd.conf.

php_admin_value error_reporting 22517

It is important you are using "php_admin_value" (or "php_admin_flag" when needed) instead of "php_value" to set the value. If you use "php_admin_value", you prevent the value gets overwritten by the ".htaccess" or a "ini_set()" call from your application.

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howto - regex - apache php

Currently, there is no howto. But by the time of running into and solving problems with regex, a view pages helped my a lot. So here they are.

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howto - Apache Tomcat Configuration

All the needed configuration parameters you can/have to to are linked below. In this entry i want to point out the use of

With you don't have to edit the default startup script from the tomcat. This means you also can backup/store your settings on a well know place and then just create a link into the directory where your file is placed. The script itself looks for a and reads it. Everything that is configured inside the script overwrites the default settings inside the

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