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web - kGraft Being Discussed For Inclusion Into Linux-Next

The SUSE method for live kernel patching, kGraft, is being proposed for possible inclusion into the linux-next branch in hopes it will be merged into an upcoming Linux kernel release cycle.

The kGraft patches for live kernel patching continue to be revised and reviewed but at the same time there's still Kpatch that's been developed by Red Hat with some different design principles for updating the running kernel in real-time. To date there's been no general consensus on the superior solution nor any agreement to try to merge Kpatch and kGraft.

On Wednesday, Jiri Slaby of SUSE proposed in a new mailing list thread to kernel developers that kGraft be added to the -next tree for the kernel.

While the proposal was made, there was some immediate resistance since there's still no collaboration between kGraft and Kpatch. Additionally, some developers don't like that kthread management is being further complicated by the current kGraft patches. We'll keep monitoring the Kpatch vs. kGraft patches and will provide updates when there's a consensus on the matter.


Would be awesome to see this in action!

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zfsonlinux and kernel 3.6.6-1-ARCH

I run into a lot of trouble when i try to compile and want to run the current state of zfsonlinux. I tried a lot and by spending more time then expected and doing configurations/script adaptations i real don't understand 100 percent, i was able to keep things running. Nevertheless, i am happy that the aur package from zfsonlinux is updated a few hours ago. While writing, i have finished the building and now my zfs is up and running smoothly :-).

Back on the trusted aur package site of arch linux, you just have to follow a few steps to keep your zfs back online. Following are the links to the the aur package, followed by the git source file and the aur pacman informations you need for building (makepkg). spl-uitls spl zfs-utils zfs

Thanks again to the team of and also to the aur package maintainer demizer (including every member of his team) by providing this easy way of using this great filesystem on linux.

Not perfectly matching but also worth a look, at the EuroBSDcon, there was a session about "tuning ZFS on FreeBSD". It is FreeBSD but take some minutes and take a look at the slides. The more you know about zfs, the more you can handle it (and praise a bit to the r.i.p. company sun of course).

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