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AwareInterface, Graylog2 with Logstash and Contributing to the new PHPUGHH website - PHP UserGroup

link to meetup event.


Stresemannstraße 375

AwareInterface By Stev Leibelt

  • reminder of dependency injection
  • increases the readability of a class structure
  • defined way of inject object/typ
  • interface injection could lead to a project based rule to distinguish between mandatory and optional dependencies
  • slides available hear.

Logstash and Graylog2 by Alexander Bernhardt

Simple log all.

questions to the log

  • what happens on the other server?
  • what happens when and on what circumstance?
  • what are you logging?

how to solve this?

By using Logstash, Redis and ElasicSearch, aggregate all and push all to a graylog2.

  • graylog can do some kind of monitoring, known as streams.
  • you can add a alert method to each stream.
  • nagios can listen to a graylog stream.
  • could not replace statsd or graphite

Talk And Call For PHPUGHH Website By Stephan Vock And Ole Michaelis

  • two Pages for one user group, which one to choose?
  • the usergroup decides to use the new page.
  • you need to have installed jekyll, rake or use the vagrant box
  • directory structure
    • each speaker should pull his own talk below "talks"

How To Contribute

  • fork repository
  • git checkout -b feature/foo
  • do the changes
  • git commit
  • pull request to the main repository
  • builds new page on its own
  • git remote add upstream
  • git fetch upstream
  • git merge upstream/master
  • git push
  • issues are available
  • enhancement issues is the roadmap
  • open issues if needed
  • links available as ticket
  • take a look to the bephpug (github)
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php usergroup meetup - 121009

Date: 09.10.2012 Place: Mindsworks - Jarrestraße 42a, Hamburg Link: Meetup

new php usergroup page by Ole Michaelis Uses "github pages" and "jykil", Take a look on github.

how to defeat stage fright by Heiko Harthun Introduction Heiko provides courses for developers to presentate themself as also the product on conventions/trade shows/exhibitions. He helps if the communication between developers and management (e.g. in the scrum retrospective) is not working anymore. general Only thing that helps against stage fright is moving around. It is also the only thing that helps effective. You should eat enough before you are going to present something. Try to eat energy rich things like nuts, bread, less sugar, things that contains L-Tyrosin and L-Tryptophan. body hack Autogenic training or meditation can help but they are helping after you have practised them for a long time (six months or more). Also going to sport (more the once per month ;-)) is helping to keep the level of adrenalin low. brain hack Try to create a solution/fallback for each problem that can occur. Things that can occur are "Questions inbetween", "fear for own existence", "nemesis in the crowd", "lose of the face", "blind spot", "blackout", "lose the thread" or "uninteded lauchter". The major answer is "what do i fear" and "why do i care to come into this situation". Try to have a fallback also for general problems (hardware is missing, hardware breaks down etc.). A solution can be, to listen on favorite music right before you start your presentation. source/books stryer - biochemie daniel pink was sie wirklich motiviert pruefungsangst - fortschritte in der psychotherapie

Compare notes about PHP UnitTest Workshop by Agata Raap and Frank Sons general Introduce unittesting in already existing and complicate to test source code is hard. Try to do a workshop by using already existing code to introduce into the topic "unittest". First write a unittest that covers know behaviors and after that, refactor the code. How can we test old code (with dependencies, strong coupling)? Keep current methods and exclude them into new methods. This new methods are testable by dependency injections or something similar. Always start and demonstrate unittest with simple examples. best practice (ask round) Getter setter testing? Code coverage - what does is tell? Is static code untestable? Should you test controllers?

This notes are a little bit late (yes i know ;-)) but free time is something that it is currently a kind of unreachable wish.

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php usergroup meetup - 121113

Date: 13.11.2012 Place: Bigpoint - Drehbahn 48, 20354 Hamburg Link: Meetup

new website by Ole Michaelis Contribute if you find bugs or want to improve work. Slides are available as soon as possible. Howtos available. Old site still available. It is currently planed to move/integrate the old mailinglist.

video conference by Seemant Kulleen about "Emotional Decisions" Emotions are most binary today (like or not). We prefer products with higher ratings and vice versa. Code can create emotions also (good/great code or software) -> as developer, you are creating realities. Why not make this reality an experiences instead? When you create a high enough experience, you create a loyal user (loyalty like stickiness). Users reacting emotional by adding a thump, a comment etc. The more the developer is passionated, the more passionated the users can be -> try to do what you love :-). -> create things you belive -> create things you belive in You have to understand how and why you react to things, you are getting closer to your passion. If you know why you are liking and doing things, you should focus on doing things thinks. And like in general, you have to share your passion and get shared passion,

how to build up a datacenter by Rene Sasse (

Take a look to the "webmontag" (xing group, twitter).

More current -> bigger air condition -> more climate cabinets -> less free space.

Looks like the guys from are pro's. If you are not believe in, watch the linked video.

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