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virtual box "5.0.4" bridged networking connection issue between guest and host (windows 10)

Since we spent days (let me write it again, daaayyyyyyssss) to solve this problem. To prevent you from doing the same, I write this entry.
Our problem was, that a guest box was running fine on a virtual box host. The "only" issue was, that everyone could ping (and even do more) with the host and the guest os, except the host talking with the guest and vice versa.
It looks like this is a microsoft windows 10 issue only. Everything is workin on my *nix systems - meaning, if you are using real software, no problem is there.
But seriously folks (I know you are not reading this entry because you want to have some funny battle from good, free as in freedom software, against clunky ugly and bad close source whatever), the solving of this issue is braindead simple.

It a also contains a workaround: 
- Open the network adapters in Windows 10
- Open properties of the adapter used in your guest OS
- Disable IPv6 -> OK
- Open properties again
- Enable IPv6 -> OK

ticket number 14457
ticket number 14428

Good luck and stay with the force.

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web - Microsoft zieht Updates zurück - howto

Mit insgesamt vier der am letzten Patchday veröffentlichten Updates für Windows gibt es offenbar Probleme. Microsoft hat jetzt reagiert und warnt davor, sie einzuspielen.


Nun, kann passieren, Betriebssysteme sind komplexe Angelegenheiten, Punkt.
Hier ein paar Hilfen, die man beim Überfliegen von Kommentaren gefunden hat.

Auf meinem Windows 7 Professional 64bit musste ich aus dem C:\windows\system32 Verzeichnis den Fontcache (fntcache.dat) löschen, um den Stop 0x00000050 Bluescreen loszuwerden. Zum Glück hatte ich ein Dual Boot mit Windows 8.1 drauf, sodass ich problemlos auf die nicht mehr bootende Win7-Partition zugreifen konnte.


wie wärs mit einem einfachen command-skript (als Admin ausführen):
@echo off
wusa /uninstall /kb:2982791 /forcestart

Viel Erfolg

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howto - windows 7 service windows-audio could not start - error 1079

Do you ever had the problem that you have no sound on your windows 7? I have and it was hard to find the problem, since windows is acting so ... well not expected ;-).

So you want to adjust the volume and an "here is a problem, let me search on the internat for a solution" windows is popping up. After you opened the service management and take a look at the dependencies, you started all needed service but getting the error 1079 again. What to do? Rightclick on the "windows-audio" entry and open properties ("einstellungen"). Click to tab login ("Anmeldung"), select "this account" option and enter "LocalService" as username and "0000" as password. Click Apply and try to start the service. Now everything should work smoothly.

Thanks to to show me the way i have to look.

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tool - doublecmd tabable filemanager open source windows linux

If i have never told you before, i am a really big fan of the "tab" concept. I was an early adopter of the mozilla suite (version 0.8 somewhat) while the software was full of bugs and was crashing more often the windows me. I am also a friend of the orthodox filemanagers concept and while browsing trough the world wide web i found a nice one called doublecmd.

Doublecmd itself is a file manager and behaves like the well known total commander. Do not get me wrong, i would use total command if they would provide a linux version - as far as i remember this was main reason to "go for a hunt" on the www to finde something similar to the total commander. In the end i found the doublecmd, installed it and now love it. So what are the main features of the doublecmd?

  • It is a double window filemanager
  • You can work on multiple paths and directorys by using tabs
  • Supports multiple renaming
  • Move file operations to queue
  • Use archives like directorys
  • Supports plug-ins
  • Portable version available

Try it out, it is hard not to use it. And when there will be a opportunity to donate, please do so as i will.

So far, thats for all the fish doublecmd developers!

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