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(fedora) linux and zfs on linux with error message "Failed to load ZFS module stack."

You are getting error messages like the following by trying to use your zfs?

Failed to load ZFS module stack.
Load the module manually by running 'insmod /zfs.ko' as root.
Failed to load ZFS module stack.
Load the module manually by running 'insmod /zfs.ko' as root.

First, check if all modules (zfs is using dkms) are loaded and having the same/fitting version numbers.

dkms status

If the output is not suiteable (one module is missing, wrong version number for example) try to do the following steps by using the proper version number.

dkms remove -m zfs -v 0.6.2 --all
dkms remove -m spl -v 0.6.2 --all
dkms add -m spl -v 0.6.2
dkms add -m zfs -v 0.6.2
dkms install -m spl -v 0.6.2
dkms install -m zfs -v 0.6.2

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zend framework 2 - list of shipped defined events (zf2)

I just read the manual since i need to know what kind of existing events are available.

SendResponseEvent defines the "EVENTSENDRESPONSE" event.


ViewEvent defines "EVENT
The ModuleEvent defines "EVENT

Last but not least, doing the following ack-grep

ack 'extends\ Event' vendor/zendframework/

has the following results.

19:class ViewEvent extends Event

15:class SendResponseEvent extends Event

18:class MvcEvent extends Event

14:class PostEvent extends Event

18:class ModuleEvent extends Event

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web - PhpStorm EAP 7 released

PhpStorm has jumped to the major version of 7.

From the PHP side we are glad to announce:

PHP 5.5 support: generators, coroutines, finally keyword, list in foreach, using empty() on the result of function calls and other expressions, class name resolution as scalar via class keyword, constant array/string dereferencing

Drupal Plugin: integration for modules, themes and core development. Hooks (completion for hook declaration, quick documentation, navigation to hook invocations), automatic assistance in development environment configuration, command line tool integration for Drush, Search in Drupal API. Please read full tutorial

Smart Step Into (PHP Debug)

Extract Interface refactoring for PHP

Built-in SSH terminal

Automatic alignment of PhpDoc comments at edit time

Smart line split on Ctrl+Enter (Cmd-Enter)

INI plugin is bundled


I've switched one machine so far, lets see if i can feel a major improvement in the next week. By the way, have i mention that i love the plugins?

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