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Zabbix and how to the filesystem template to send warn or crit for fixed free space values

We are monitoring our servers with zabbix.

A lot of servers are running in a slightly different configuration, especially when it comes to harddisk space. Furthermore, it is fine to operate on "almost full" disk or "near the limit".

The task was to adjust the existing zabbix templates without creating and maintaining our own ones. A part of our servers should warn us if there is only 5 GB of free disk space left and should send us a crit if the amount of free disk space drops below 3 GB.

So we ended up with a bit of calcuation. E.G. a server has 170 GB of disk space, we are running the following math.

#calcuation for critical, if free disk space is below 3 GB
$percentage = (3 GB / 100 %) * 170 GB; #results in 5.1 %
$numberForZabbix = (100 % - $percentage) #100 - 5.1 = 94.9

Once we have done the math for the warning (5 GB) and for all the servers, we can go into the host configuration and use the mighty macro section.

For the example host above, we want to add the following two macro lines


Of course, the crit message now says "more than 94.9 percent of disk space used" but this is the compromise we have to deal with. The other solution would be to maintain our own template, what we want to avoid.

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Microsoft Sticky Notes Alternative Windows 10

After upgrading many clients to Windows 10, we ran into multiple issues with Microsofts Sticky Notes. Notes are "lost", Sticky Notes stopped working or has been removed by the system or what ever.

Simply Sticky Notes is our decided alternative.

Benefits are:

  • multiple language support
  • lightweight
  • contains backup mechanism
  • notes are stored in a sqlite database
  • you can move the storage path wherever you want
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Nextcloud Client 3.0.1 on Linx >> there are unresolved conflicts<<

As written in the official issue ticket, following the way how to solve your conflict locally.

A quick update to figure out the conflicted files. cd into your nextcloud synchronized path

#list conflicted files 
find . -iname *conflic* -type f

You can than decide which file is the one you want to keep or foo (conflicted copy 2020-09-09 083407).bar.

See also here and here.

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Check which version and fix pack of your HCL Notes / IBM Notes is installed

Today I needed to create a skript that automatically installes a Notes FP (Fix-Pack) to all our clients.

The windows registry, as example, does not tell which of if there is a FP installed. After a while, my current solution is to check which value the variable FaultRecovery_Build inside the notes.ini is containing.

#pseudo code
$fp5IsInstalled = (cat notes.ini | grep -q "Release 10.0.1FP5")
If ($fp5IsInstalled) {
    //... do something or nothing

Hope this helps.

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