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hardinfo on a linux live cd - A system information, profiling and benchmark tool.

The task for today was to figure out what kind of hardware was in a bunch of cases without open them all.
I know there are a lot tools for windows available out there, but finding something running on an linux system was not that easy - at least for me.
After a while, I had verified that hardinfo was the tool I am searching for. But this simple leads me to another question and problem. "What kind of available live linux cds has this application available directly?".
It turned out that this is not an easy question to answer. But after a lot of download, try and validate runs, I found one, tahrpup a puppylinux flavored release.
I really hope you will find this post and this will save you ... well, half of a day of evaluation.

Andrew S. Tanenbaum talking about Minix 3 at froscon 2015

Lucky enough, I was able to fetch a somehow seat in the presentation about minix - version 3 done by mister Andrew S. Tanenbaum.
As usual, he presented the way minix had gone, how he did things, what goals they want to reach and what the current status is (including upcomming features). And also, as usual, he did this by adding so much fun and joy into the talk which is, every time, pretty amazing. I had the chance to see multiple talks done by mister Tanenbaum and finally that is the whole intension I want to recommend any talk everywhere nearby you. If you have the chance, take the chance and simple listen and enjoy the time.