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froscon - humanitarian opensource software

Wolfgang Schlegel

"Let's make the world a better place"

what is humanitarian software?

  • "humanitarian" -> concerned with or seeking to promote human welfare
  • "i want to use my skills and expertise to improve human welfare"


  • family tracing and reunification
  • helps children who are separated from their caregivers in emergency situations
  • mobile phone application (client) and data storage system (server)
  • started by students
  • used in uganda 2012, south sudan 2013, philippines after typhoon yolanda


  • ruby on rails server software
  • couchdb
  • frontends
    • android
    • netbook
  • gnu affero gpl 3

how can you help?


  • open plattform for financial inclusion
  • loan products and loan accounts
  • savings products and saving accounts
  • backoffice
  • surveys and progress out of poverty tracking (how big is the impact to the country or does it even have a bad impact)
  • initiated by grameen foundation
  • non profit organiztion based in washington dc
  • replicates the grameen bank microfinance model around the world
  • launched mifos in 2006 by the foundation by the foundation
  • returned mifos back to the community in 2011
  • heavily used in africa and asia
  • online demo
  • well documented restful endpoints)


  • java 7
  • jax-rs, jersry (restful endpoint)
  • JSON, google GSON
  • spring
  • hibernate
  • mysql
  • mozilla public licence 2.0

how can you help?

  • write code
  • ui/ux enhancements
  • write documentation
  • mainpage


  • medical record system
  • replaces paper based records
  • improves health care delivery
  • regenstrief institue, and informatics and healthcare research organization
  • parners in health, an organization providing healthcare for the poor
  • created in 2004 as a platfotm for developing countries
  • used in north and south america as well as europe, africa, asia and india
  • not certificated in europe as official medical record system


  • java
  • spring
  • hibernate
  • mysql
  • tomcat
  • openmrs public license, based on mizulla public license

how can you help?

  • introductory tickets (small easy bugs/features)
  • community tickets (story of a feature)
  • projects (big module)
  • mainpage

getting involved

  • pair on a ticket (alone and simple tryout)
  • code jams (with friends)
    • people
    • things to work on
    • keep it small (things should be doable at that jam)
    • prepare tickets / stories
    • location
    • keep going
  • conferences (to talk about it or join a code jam)
  • meetups (same as conference but local/regular based)
  • summers of code (big conference ;-))
  • universities (show students how to code in real world)
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