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tool - zend framework zf cli aka zend tool

Just a quick entry for the zend framework comand line tool (available for *nix and windows). I tought it would be a good idea to use it and create the general files or directory layout. But it is not perfect at all. Creating modules and layouts is quick nice. But a

zf create controller myModuleName
does not what i have expected. An controller was created below the general controller directory and not inside the module "myModuleName". Lets see if i like the tool at all. I will stick on it for this project and fill up the links in the following section when i find some usefull one. I can give one hint so far, the zend tool can only create, not delete anything. If you want to delete something, you have to do it manualy (remember the zfproject.xml file).

available parameters for application.ini official zend tool manual using the cli tool create a layout zend tool in phpstorm zend framework as cli application tutorial from akrabat Proposed Q&A site for PHP developers using Zend Framework 1 and Zend Framework 2


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